Laggacy Network

Laggacy is a start-up project initiated by David Blayney, with regular contributions by Ricky Longley, Rohan Singh and Joseph Brough. The Laggacy Network is the group name for all three content mediums used by Laggacy; Video (our YouTube channel), Blog (this WordPress blog) and Social (our Facebook page).

Laggacy was originally created in June of 2012, and comprised of a single blog. The first post written was a parody review of the iOS game, Subway Surfer. The review can be found here.

In September of 2012, the Laggacy YouTube channel was launched, which had technology tutorials uploaded once a week. The videos weren’t spectacular, it was a proof of concept and an excuse to try out using Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to make better videos than what was possible with Windows Movie Maker and Wax 2.0 (yes, a couple of videos were made using that. Actually, a few of them…).

In late 2012, it was decided that a logo should be designed, and for good reason too. This was the old banner on the Laggacy Blog.


After several revisions, a logo and design scheme was made. A special thanks goes to Rohan Singh who went on many a Skype call to help the design process.

Never lagging behind